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WESTFALIA - For Every Job the Correct Horsebox

From Mini to Maxi, from simple to elegant WESTFALIA offers with its wide range of trailers the right  horsebox for every need, for every job. 

Whether JOKER, JUPITER, JUPITER XL, WESTFALIA XXL or the WESTFALIA XXL Mini we make sure that every trailer in the construction process meets the highest quality standards and conforms to the newest safety standards. This means that you, the customer, can be sure that quality of your new trailer meets that that you would expect of German engineering.

A new type of ventilation system, the WESTFALIA Comfort chassis with independent suspension and  saddle storage are in JOKER Standard. In addition are lots more innovitive detail solutions. For example: Constuction from fiberglass reinforced plastic, many colour variations, roof railing, 100km/h speed limit, Beech saddleracks and an offroad packet.

The JUPITER - Practical solutions for your horse

With a construction from glass reinforced plastic, lots of space, a tack room - the JUPITER has everything that horse and rider needs. For example: extra strong frame and crumple zone, rollback lock, from outside adjustable safety bar, Trailer-Air-Control and powerful brakes.

Trailer-Air-Control, independent suspension, crumple zone - All the properties of the JUPITER, just a number bigger. Horse pampering in size XL! Further benefits: super strong frame made from glass reinforced plastic, front wheel, roll back lock und crumple zone, emergency exit on the right had side,  Trailer-Air-Control System, 100 km/h allowed top speed.

The WESTFALIA XXL shows its true size and offers next to lots of space for the horse also lots of space for the rider. When comfort matters then the XXL doesn't come up short. For example the WESTFALIA XXL has not only a tack room and independent suspension but also a fresh water tank, a couch and a washing table.

Tuesday, 16. April 2013 - 20:28 Uhr

Kfz-Anhänger-Kombinationen auf Autobahnen und Kraftfahrstraßen

Thursday, 20. September 2012 - 23:03 Uhr

Sabine Dürrheim und Hans im Glück beim CDI3*

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