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The legendary WESTFALIA-Chasiss

The contact between the road and the vehicle can be measured over a few square centimeters of rubber. This importantly means that there must always be contact so that the vehicle always stays under control.  Thanks to intensive development work the performence of WESTFALIA chasiss contribute hugely to give safe contact between tyre and road.a

Independent Suspension with Coil Springs

It doesn't matter if you trailer is full, partly full or empty, the independent suspension with coil springs makes sure that you always have safe contact with the road.


Whether on gravel tracks or the motorway the carfully calibrated chasiss can cope with every type of ground. Hard knocks and bumps are neutralized so that the towing vehicle and the load have a smoother ride in comparison with other chassis types. Accurate and neutral handling is a guarantee of a safe arrival and long lasting material.

Galvanised and Painted Frames

The WESTFALIA trailer frames offer many possibilites. Even after purchase you can order extra frame strengtheners or track extenders. This guarentees in every stiuation the necessary stiffness and the maximum load baring capacity.

Every WESTFALIA trailer frame is hot-dip galvanised and painted  - if you would like, in the colour of the trailer. This gives optimal corrosion protection guarentee!


In the factory every frame is fitted with S2005-7 brakes from BPW. It is also possible to fit 20-2425/1 disk brakes from Knott.


Both brake systems have proved their value through reliableness and longevity over many years of service.



Competition encourages innovation. To stay  in front of our competitors our engineers use the newest software and computors to always create  better soloutions for our products.


The result is trailers that are at the forefront of technology and can be used as the basis for further developement.


All our products are thoroughly  tested before they go on sale beyond what is normally asked of them.


Safety and quality is the foundation  on which our customer satisfaction is cemented!



Tuesday, 16. April 2013 - 20:28 Uhr

Kfz-Anh├Ąnger-Kombinationen auf Autobahnen und Kraftfahrstra├čen

Thursday, 20. September 2012 - 23:03 Uhr

Sabine D├╝rrheim und Hans im Gl├╝ck beim CDI3*

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